Banish Frizz with Miracle Blow Dry H20 Shield

Banish Frizz with Miracle Blow Dry H20 Shield

In hair care, one of the greatest challenges is frizz caused by water and humidity. We have your solution, Miracle Blow Dry H20 Shield from It’s a 10.

Why does humidity make hair frizzy?

Every perfect hairstyle shares the same enemy: water. Rain, snow, humidity, even a shower makes the environment humid, with water in the air.  And when there is more water in the air than there is in dry, styled hair, your hair tries to absorb that water.

Yes, hair can draw in water from the air. Each individual hair is a shaft made of layers of cells. In styled hair, the cells outside the shaft are smooth. When a hair shaft absorbs a little water from the air, it makes the hair shaft wider and the cells roughen. The result is hair shafts that lose shape and control: hair that is frizzy in appearance.

Hair that is colored or stressed from styling, may frizz more. The cells in the hair shaft are more open and porous, so the hair can absorb water more quickly.

It’s hard to control frizz. One way to try is to give hair conditioners to soak up, so that hair shafts aren’t ‘thirsty’. But we’ve got a new weapon in the fight against frizz, H20 Shield.

H20 Shield protects hair and prevents frizz

Our new H20 Shield treatment protects hair with a barrier against humidity. That means H20 Shield repels water to keep your hair silky and well-behaved. H20 Shield is the ideal finish over any It’s a 10 leave-in conditioner.

Both It’s a 10 leave-ins and H20 Shield condition and detangle your hair. H20 Shield also banishes frizz by repelling water. How? It locks conditioning in and humidity out by sealing each hair shaft with a unique micro-emulsion compound. Routine heat styling activates H20 Shield’s extra protection.

The result is shielded hair that stays glossy and manageable longer. Enjoy style that feels fresh and new even on humid days with H20 Shield.

More, H20 Shield is an alternative to costly treatments at salons. It’s lightweight and gentle, good for all hair textures, and won’t build up. And it guards hair color from UV exposure in stressful sunlight. When you wash hair with warm water and shampoo, H20 Shield rinses away, leaving hair natural and well nourished.

How to use H20 Shield and activate its humidity barrier

Guard your hair with H20 Shield in three easy steps. Wash and condition your hair, apply H20 Shield, and activate H20 Shield with warm hair styling.

Every It’s a 10 product works with H20 Shield. For fine hair that tends to frizz, Miracle Volumizing Shampoo and Miracle Leave-In Lite give your hair a boost. To condition curls, try Miracle Moisture Daily Shampoo paired with Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin.

Here are directions on how to apply and activate H20 shield.

Step 1: Wash and condition hair. For your last step of conditioning, spray leave-in conditioner on wet hair. For conditioning coverage, comb the leave-in through with fingers or with a wide-toothed comb.

Step 2: Apply H20 Shield. Section wet, conditioned hair and spray generously with H20 Shield. Again, work to get good coverage. H20 Shield needs to coat every hair shaft to create its humidity barrier.

Step 3: Blow dry and style hair. Heat activates the H20 Shield to seal and protect hair shafts. For straight and wavy hair, use your blow dryer and a flat iron. For curly hair, blow dry gently, using a diffuser.

When hair is dry and a little warm to the touch, H20 Shield is activated. Now you can brush off those raindrops, stay sleek in any weather, and enjoy having beautiful hair for longer thanks to It’s a 10 Miracle Blow Dry H20 Shield.

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