9 Blowdry Buzzwords & What They Mean for Your Hair

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Shopping for a new hair dryer? While it might seem like a simple task, when you start browsing all the hair tools out there — from the bargain buys at your local drugstore to the high-end brands that cost an arm and a leg — it can end up feeling a little daunting.

Plus, with all the buzzwords and lingo, how do you know which features actually matter? What’s the deal with tourmaline hair dryers, and are they better than ceramic? Is it all the same for curly hair, fine hair, and coarse hair? Keep reading to learn how to really find and buy the best blow dryer for your hair type and more…

The Power

The power behind a blow dryer is measured in watts, with most professionals recommending at least 1800. Simply put, the more wattage the motor has, the less time it will take to dry your hair. When you’re motor’s weak, most people end up turning up the heat and spending more time blow drying, which leads to more damage. Yikes!

Instead, invest in a blow dryer with 1850 watts or more — and it’s even better to have control over the power, so you can adjust depending on your hair type. It’s also smart to start with a higher wind power to start (like when you’re rough drying your hair), and then lowering both the power and the heat setting as you continue to style with your brush.

The Technology: Ceramic vs. Tourmaline and More

Ceramic and tourmaline and ionic, oh my! Here’s where it can get a little confusing.

Ceramic usually refers to blow dryers that feature this composite material as part of the body or heating element, or sometimes even covering the internal parts. This helps control the temperature of the air coming from your blow dryer, heating it up quickly and then distributing it evenly.  This makes it great for dry or fine hair — but really, it can work wonders for all hair types!

How about titanium versus ceramic? Titanium is more lightweight than ceramic, which some people prefer (arm cramp, anyone?). While also touted for its ability to dry hair fast, this is mostly because it can get super hot — and since it doesn’t provide as much protection as ceramic, this means it’s not always the best choice for hair that’s already damaged.  

Ionic gets its label from ions, which are particles with either a positive or negative charge. Your hair typically has both positive and negative charges, but wet hair in particular is positive. Negative ions, on the other hand, help by breaking up water molecules into smaller droplets that can evaporate faster. So in the world of hair dryers, ionic means it’s built to emit those negative ions as you use it.  Negative ions also work to close the hair’s cuticle, leaving it smoother. The result? Shiny, smooth, and frizz-free locks.

Note: Dry and/or damaged hair is also positively-charged, so using an ionic curling iron or flat iron while styling can work to counteract static and frizz.

One of the ways your blow dryer can emit those negative ions is through tourmaline, a semi-precious mineral that’s usually crushed into a powder form and added to the internal elements of the dryer. Tourmaline hair dryers also retain moisture while they dry your hair, making it our go-to for frizzy and curly hair.

Extra Features: Nozzles and Cool-Shot Button

Other great things to look for when you’re buying a hair dryer are a cold- or cool-shot button, and additional nozzles.

A cool-shot button is exactly what it sounds like — a quick way to add a blast of cool air, which seals the hair’s cuticle and sets your style. A concentrator nozzle helps guide the airflow from your blow dryer, which is especially helpful if you’re using a flat or round brush to smooth or loosely curl your hair. A diffuser is perfect for curly girls, because is disperses the airflow over a larger area. In doing so, curls retain their shape and you’ll avoid roughing up the hair’s cuticle, which happens naturally during a normal blow dry.

Professional vs Drugstore Hair Dryers - Which is Better?

Here at It’s a 10, we’re obsessed with high-quality, professional hair care products and what they can do for you. But the reality is, your hair care tools also make a difference! So when it comes to buying a hair dryer, it’s important to invest in one that provides real benefits and will keep your locks beautiful.

Beyond the features and benefits we talked about above, another one of the big differences in professional versus drugstore hair dryers is how long the tool will last. Professional blow dryers are designed to dry clients upon clients, every single day. A high-quality copper-wired motor, for example, can withstand consistent use for much longer than the typical aluminum-wired motors of most commercial blow dryers.

So when you think about how often you’ll use your hair dryer (which for most people is every day, or every other day), it’s often worth it to invest in one that’s high-quality. The end results — healthier, more gorgeous hair — are worth it!

Introducing the It’s a 10 Miracle Professional Blow Dryer

It's a 10 Miracle Professional Blow Dryer

Reading to start shopping? We’re excited to announce the launch of our new It’s a 10 Miracle Professional Blow Dryer, part of our collection of professional salon equipment. The best part, of course, is that you don’t need to visit your salon to get the same results!

This hand-held dryer integrates all of the latest technologies into a single styling tool. Now, you can get the smooth-feeling dry of a ceramic dryer plus the quick dry time of a tourmaline dryer, and also the additional static reducing of an ionic dryer all in one. The result is powerful performance that’s designed to protect strands and reduce damage, even if you blow dry every day.  What’s more, the It’s a 10 Miracle Professional Hair Dryer has the flexibility to handle curly, straight, wavy, structured, set, men’s, and women’s styles all with effortless ease.

From the 100% copper motor to the ionic power and output, your hair will be dryer quicker, meaning less damage, a better shine, and ultimately healthier hair. Always a 10.


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