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It's a 10 Miracle Clay Hair Mask for Blondes 240ml

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Intense Conditioning. Superior Shine. Especially for Blondes.

Blonde hair – whether it is natural or colour treated – requires special care to ensure the shiny luster and all-day, every-day brightness. It’s a 10 Miracle Clay Hair Mask for Blondes is a simple treatment that restores, protects, and refines blonde tresses in a matter of minutes. The secret is mild, mineral-rich Kaolin Clay, which helps conditioners and other nutrients bond to the hair shaft, and then rinses away clean, leaving only strong, shiny, resilient strands. Free from build-up or residue, It’s a 10 Miracle Clay Hair Mask for Blondes removes brassiness, keeps highlights bright, and preserves colour, all while deeply conditioning to eliminate tangles and frizz. As a quick repair or as a pampering treatment for blonde locks, It’s a 10 Miracle Clay Hair Mask for Blondes makes it easy to elevate hair to its absolute best.

 It’s a 10 Miracle Clay Hair Mask for Blondes provides excellent conditioning, control, and colour for blondes with natural ingredients such as:

Kaolin Clay

A white, mineral-rich clay prized for its purity, gentleness, and moisture-imparting properties.

Avocado Oil

Deep, rich, botanical conditioner that bonds to the hair shaft and provides superior UV protection

Pracaxi Seed Oil

An amazing fruit-tree oil from the Amazon, this wonder conditioner strengthens hair from root to tip, seals split ends, detangles, and imparts bright, brilliant shine with zero weight


Plant-based shaper and fragrance

Hydrolyzed Quinoa

A natural plant-based protein strengthens, moisturises, and enhances shine without build up


A lemony scented oil that strengthens hair against environmental hazards and dirt build up


Does 10 Things Instantly

  1. Violet based toning
  2. Helps Tone Brassiness
  3. Improves Brightness to highlights
  4. Helps enhance colour retention
  5. Enhances natural body to hair
  6. Enhances shine
  7. Deeply conditions
  8. Helps Detangle
  9. Prevents free radical damage
  10. UV Protectant

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